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Download using wget

wget is a text based download manager, run from the terminal. Following is a guide on how to use it.

Install GNU wget

wget is included in Tinycore and Microcore base. For a version which features more advanced options and supports ssl you may install the GNU wget extension.

Copy and Paste from Text Editor

The easiest way to use wget, is to copy and paste the url to the a text editor, then copy and paste the wget commands from the text editor to the terminal.

See Copy and Paste with the Mouse.

Create a Directory for Downloads

Create a directory to save the files you download.

Let's create a new directory in /home/tc, called dl.

In the following examples, files will be downloaded to /home/tc/dl.

Start a Download

To download tinycore_3.6.iso, open the terminal and paste

cd /home/tc/dl
wget http://distro.ibiblio.org/tinycorelinux/3.x/release/tinycore_3.6.iso

Stop or Pause a Download

To stop or pause a download, press ctrl+c.

Resume a Download

To resume a download include, -c following wget. For example to resume downloading tinycore_3.6.iso, use

cd /home/tc/dl
wget -c http://distro.ibiblio.org/tinycorelinux/3.x/release/tinycore_3.6.iso


If downloading is stopped, wget will try again a total of 20 times. After that it will stop. If you want to change the number of times it tries again, insert -t followed by the number of times you want it to try.

For example if you were downloading tinycore_3.6.iso, and wanted it to try again 80 times, you could use

cd /home/tc/dl
wget -c -t 80 http://distro.ibiblio.org/tinycorelinux/3.x/release/tinycore_3.6.iso

Download More than One File

To download more than one file, you can put more than one url after each other.

For example, if you wanted to download tinycore_3.6.iso, install-tools.gz and network-tools.gz, you could use

cd /home/tc/dl
wget -c -t 80 http://distro.ibiblio.org/tinycorelinux/3.x/release/tinycore_3.6.iso \
http://distro.ibiblio.org/tinycorelinux/3.x/starterpacks/install-tools.gz \

Download a List of Files from the Same Directory

You can download a list of files from the same directory.

Let's say you want to download Xfe, all .dep files and all dependencies, and .mdt.txt files.

Using the .dep files, make a list. Like this


Save this file in the same directory as you will be downloading to, in this example, it is /home/tc/dl. Let's say we name it xfe-files.txt. Then use

cd /home/tc/dl
for I in `cat xfe-files.txt`; do wget http://distro.ibiblio.org/tinycorelinux/3.x/tcz/"$I"; done

Learn More

This has explained the basics of how to use wget, and may be used to download files.

You can actually do much more with wget. If you want, you can look for other examples on the Internet, and learn more about wget.

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