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dCore Extension Management

SCE extensions (self contained extensions) add functionality to a minimalistic dCore base installation. They are managed through various commands. Strategies to optimize extensions are also outlined.

Traditionally dCore extensions are managed via command line. If using a Window Manager set up for dCore, the built-in Control panel (System Tools → Control Panel) now has an 'Sce Tools' button that launches these commands in a terminal with default options: sce-import, sce-load, sce-debpurge, sce-update, sce-remove. This is most suitable for new users or those that do not require fine-grained control over SCE extension management.

More advanced users will appreciate the richness provided by command line options. In a terminal, enter the command name followed by –help (two dashes) for usage information (eg. sce-import –help).

dCore SCE Overview

An overview of dCore's SCE extension system and management:

  • dCore SCE Overview
  • dCore TCE (/tce/) Directory
  • dCore sceboot.lst
  • dCore Repositories
  • Miscellaneous dCore Files

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dCore SCE Management Commands

Primary commands used to manage SCE extensions (sce-import initially most important):

> readme.sh Command

> sce-debpurge Command

> sce-import Command

> sce-load Command

> sce-ondemand Command

> sce-ppa-add Command (Ubuntu-based dCore)

> sce-remove Command

> sce-searchprebuilt Command

> sce-tools Command

> sce-update Command

Additional SCE management commands not included in the base dCore system:

> sce-deb2sce Command

> sce-pkgcheck Command

> sce-sce2gz Command

Miscellaneous commands related to 3rd party software:

> dCore-google-chrome-stable-installer Command: This command must be imported using sce-import dCore-google-chrome-stable-installer. It has no associated –help file. It is used to convert Google Chrome browser into an SCE. Note the script was not functional when last tested as Google has changed their download process and Terms of Service, patch submit welcome!

> dCore-java-installer Command

> getFlash11 Command: This command must be imported using sce-import getFlash11 and has no associated –help file. Running getFlash11 runs a script to download and convert the most recent Adobe Flash 11 release into an SCE. Note older non-SSE2 capable hardware requires Flash 10, review this member submitted dCore Flash 10 SCE Creation Script for more information.

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Advanced dCore SCE Strategies

Advanced SCE strategies to fine tune extensions:

  • Overview
  • Lightweight software
  • List File SCE(s)
  • Dependency SCE(s)
  • List vs Dependency Imports
  • Boot vs OnDemand
  • SCE Purge
  • Boot Code nomd5
  • Locales and Languages
  • Man Pages
  • Default SCE Configuration
  • Version Conflicts
  • Broken SCEs
  • Creating Personal Extensions

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Important Grep Notice

Important information regarding BusyBox vs GNU Grep:

  • Grep Overview
  • Grep Utilization
  • Import GNU Grep
  • Grep Performance

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