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dCore sce-import Command

The sce-import command is used to search, convert and install Debian or Ubuntu packages and pre-built dCore packages as local SCEs. After a fresh dCore base install, it is the most commonly used SCE command to build up and customize a system.

A reliable wired or wireless internet connection is required to import applicable Debian/Ubuntu and dCore repository files and create SCEs. The command is feature rich, as demonstrated in the usage information below.

The command works faster if grep and gawk packages are installed

Usage options from the 'sce-import –help' command:

sce-import - Search, convert, install DEB and pre-built packages as local SCEs.
             Use simple name (nano not nano_*_i386.deb). May use option combos.
             Also see /etc/sysconfig/sceconfig, locale.nopurge and sce.purge.

sce-import             Prompt, enter starting characters of package sought.
sce-import PKG         Search packages that start with desired package name.
sce-import -b PKG      Add resulting SCE to sceboot.lst.
sce-import -c PKG      Search packages that contain desired package name.
sce-import -d PKG      Choose existing SCE(s) to provide dependencies for
                       new SCE, may make new SCE significantly smaller.
sce-import -k PKG      Keep /usr/share/doc and /man in SCE, see man-db.
sce-import -l LISTFILE SCE mega-extension created from text file listing one
                       PKG per line, eg. sce-import -l /tmp/my_apps contains
                       emelfm & nano, which can now share common dependencies.
sce-import -n PKG      Non-interactive exact name import, no combos like -nd.
sce-import -o PKG      Add imported SCE to ondemand via /tce/ondemand script.
sce-import -p PKG      Preserve old DEBINX, no new fetch, better performance.
sce-import -r PKG      Use RAM, swap partition/file to unpack source DEBs.
sce-import -s PKG      Estimate package, HD and RAM space, warn as needed.
sce-import -u PKG      (DEFAULT) update mode, sync new DEBINX files.
sce-import -v PKG      View list of packages the imported SCE contains.
sce-import -z PKG      Ignore locale.nopurge, sce.purge, sceconfig files.
sce-import -R PKG      Include recommended Debian packages, warning large SCE.
sce-import -S PKG      Include suggested Debian packages, warning large SCE.

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