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dCore sce-ondemand Command

The sce-ondemand command is used to manage OnDemand SCE(s). Adding an SCE to OnDemand creates an application entry in the (supported) Window Manager's OnDemand menu and auto generates a script in /etc/sysconfig/tcedir/ondemand/, example:

ondemand -e firefox.sce

This command loads and launches the SCE through a desktop file, found in /usr/local/share/applications/, or by directly issuing exec. A pop-up message indicating 'Neither freedesktop file nor App executable exists. Please invoke from terminal or menu' when attempting to launch an OnDemand extension usually means the application does not have a desktop file and is meant to be executed from command line.

The contents of the OnDemand script may be manually modified to fix application launch issues or customize functionality. For example, this modified qpdfview OnDemand script ensures newly opened PDF documents open in tabbed mode:

#ondemand -e qpdfview.sce
sce-load qpdfview && qpdfview --unique

If creating SCEs from list files (see sce-import -l command) it may be easiest to name the list file, and subsequent created SCE name, after the main executable to ensure it launches properly from an OnDemand menu.

The sce-ondemand command is a symlink evolved from ondemand, simply running ondemand SCE is a shortcut to quickly add an existing SCE to OnDemand, example:

ondemand firefox

The easiest way to add an application to OnDemand is during the import process, review sce-import –help regarding sce-import -o (OnDemand).

As OnDemand is in dCore's default application path, OnDemand applications are accessible with terminal tab auto-complete prior to loading. In most cases, issuing the application's executable command, via terminal or Window Manager menu, will auto-load and immediately execute the application.

tc@box:~$ echo $PATH

Usage options from the sce-ondemand –help command:

sce-ondemand - Manage ondemand SCE(s). Adding an SCE to ondemand creates a
               script in /tce/ondemand and updates the Window Manager's
               ondemand menu, which provides a convenient way to load
               less frequently used SCE(s) after boot.


sce-ondemand SCE      Add SCE to ondemand, update menus.
sce-ondemand -c       Display current ondemand SCE(s).
sce-ondemand -e SCE   Load and execute any SCE, do not add to ondemand.
sce-ondemand -l       List available SCE(s) to add to ondemand, those
                      not yet in sceboot.lst or ondemand.
sce-ondemand -r SCE   Remove SCE from ondemand, update menus.

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