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UUID or Universally Unique Identifier

If you install Tinycore manually, you may include something like tce=sda1.

If install Tinycore using the installer, it includes something like tce=UUID=“9aff3da3-474d-440d-bb6c-3240afe84ac6”

This UUID is a Universally Unique Identifier.

Fixed Drives and Removable Drives

If you install to a fixed drive, such as a hard drive in a computer, it's location will not change, so you can use tce=sda1 (you can use either tce=sda1 or tce=UUID).

If you install to a removable drive, such as a USB drive, it may be sda1, sdb1, sdc1, sdd1 or sde1, depending on which computer or USB slot you are using.

If you were to include tce=sda1, you may not be able to load applications if used in a computer or USB slot which identifies the drive as sdb1, sdc1, sdd1 or sde1.

If the UUID is used, it will always be the same, and work in other computers.

Persistent home and opt on Removable Drives

If you have installed Tinycore using the installer, and already have tce=UUID=“9aff3da3-474d-440d-bb6c-3240afe84ac6” and want to include persistent home and opt on a removable drive, copy the UUID. Like this

opt=UUID="9aff3da3-474d-440d-bb6c-3240afe84ac6" tce=UUID="9aff3da3-474d-440d-bb6c-3240afe84ac6" home=UUID="9aff3da3-474d-440d-bb6c-3240afe84ac6"

Find Out UUID

If you have not installed Tinycore using the installer, and want to find out the UUID, use

blkid -s UUID /dev/sda1

If not sda1, use the correct partition.

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