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Parted Magic

Parted Magic contains GParted, which may be used for partitioning, and other useful tools.

It can be run from a CD or USB drive.

Be Aware: Older computers may not be able to start an operating system on a USB drive.


The Parted Magic website is



Write to CD

The Parted Magic iso can be written to a CD.

Install on a USB Drive

UNetbootin may be used to to install Parted Magic on a USB drive. UNetbootin may be downloaded from


Tiny Core Starts Quicker

Parted Magic is useful when you don't have Tiny Core.

However, the same applications can be installed in Tiny Core, and Tiny Core starts quicker than Parted Magic, particularly if you use On Demand. You may want to install Tiny Core on a USB drive with appropriate applications, and use it instead of Parted Magic.

FAT32 and other Windows formats

You can also format a partition with FAT32 and other Windows formats, using Windows.

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