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How to put programs in ondemand menu for dCore (and Core also)

as dCore is even more of a kit than Core, we have:

1. loadsce

When used by itself it presents a menu of available, and currently unloaded sces. So in a sense it provides a CLI “ondemand”.

2. ondemand

The ondemand CLI code is still there. Its use from the command line is as follows:

ondemand -l

Will list all sces on the system.

ondemand -c

Will display current on demand sces.

ondemand firefox

Will create the firefox ondemand item and its menu item will be available with supported window managers. And would be shown with ondemand -c

ondemand -r firefox

Will remove the firefox ondemand item and the menu item will no longer display.

ondemand -e firefox.sce

will attempt to run the ondemand item, if a single executable is specified by freedesktop item.

These ondemand flags are and have been available with native Core since the introduction of ondemand.

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