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Introduction and warnings

Try at own risk.

grub2 is installed into MBR or using core.img…see the grub2 wiki if needed.

grub-mkrescue command is from grub2 package.

This shows how to build an iso of your grub2 stuff using the grub-mkrescue command instead of using mkisofs and isolinux.

Optional, you can test out various wallpapers.

There are other wikis and forum pages on compiling kernels, repacking initrds, storing tcz etc. This wiki only uses the official bzImage and tinycore.gz to keep things simple.

Populate target-foldername=burn

Either build this folder under your persistent /home/tc or use /tmp please

burn is the name of special folder grub-mkrescue will use for the isobuild process.

mkdir burn
cp -a /mnt/sda1/boot burn

Change /mnt/sda1 to where ever your tce persistent directory is please.

Iso building command is

grub-mkrescue --output=a.iso burn

Change a.iso to a more descriptive filename if needed.

Unlike mkisofs….this is the easiest isobuild command you are going to find!


I suggest you now test out your new iso file in a virtual machine such as VirtualBox or burn it to a cdrw.

If you like, you could change your grub.cfg in burn folder to use different names so when you see the menu, you know its really the iso menu and not your bios falling back to hard drive menu.

Optional ....wallpaper

You may like to test out wallpaper without endangering your hard drive?

This is the preferred way to do it, as you can test out the iso build in a virtual machine or burn the iso to cdrw.

See the grub2 wiki on how to create and use wallpaper. Populate the burn folder with a wallpaper and change your grub.cfg to suit please.

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