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Finding Applications

In an effort to obtain more relevant results when searching for applications in AppBrowse, the following is offered as a suggested list of tags to standardize the search function. Its purpose is to serve as a guideline to ensure relevant results are returned when searching for an application even when using only a few tags.

audio             player mixer editor network record ripper convertor hamradio
data              database logging graph catalog ocr convertor
desktop           desktop environment, like LXDE, Xfce4
development       compiler cross assembly headers interpeted debug
discutility       backup crypto partition sync recovery raid scsi test parameter fileshare
                  bootloader tcinstall
driver            audio video tablet network firmware codec joystick filesystem network
editor            text hex pdf picture pixel programmers tabbed html office spreadsheet
                  schematic pcb paint
filemanager       small twopanel dragdrop ftp
fileutility       compress sort search crypto packer antivirus
game              text graphic network card board shooter emulator
library           math audio video network disc crypto
network           monitor ftp discovery client crypto vpn wireless telnet torrent
                  replay tunnel proxy record firewall relay
printer           driver sharing management scanner
video             player editor network record hamradio
viewer            map picture astronomy pdf text
virtual           mouse keyboard desktop cpu
internet          web browser server mail chat
windowmanager     tiling lowram

To search for or create a tag field, start by picking which CATEGORY best describes the primary goal of the application. That should be the first tag in the field. Follow that with one or more tags from the FUNCTIONS listed to the right to narrow down the search results. Optionally, additional tags specific to the applications capabilities may be added to the tag field.

1. The first tag should be from the CATEGORIES list (not mandatory).
2. That should be followed by one or more of the tags listed to the right of the CATEGORY.
3. That could be followed by any optional tags. Optional tags are free form but basically
   list items specific to the application. Examples include: jpeg, png, ntfs, iso, sha5, etc.

Here are a few possible examples:

Should be first Can be in any order
Application CATEGORY FUNCTIONS Optional Tags
915resolution.tcz driver video intel bios
abiword.tcz editor office docbook kword latex
apache2.tcz web server
audacity-1.2.6.tcz audio editor mixer record wav mp3 aiff ogg vorbis
bochs-2.3.7-i486.tcz virtual cpu i486
cifs-utils.tcz discutility fileshare windows client cifs
filezilla.tcz filemanager ftp gtk2
firefox.tcz web browser tabbed gtk2
fluff.tcz filemanager dragdrop tree trashbin
gcc.tcz developement compiler assembler c c++ complete toolkit
gnuplot.tcz data plot
mc.tcz filemanager twopanel ftp ncurses text hex bin viewer
mpd.tcz audio player network cli
nfs-utils.tcz discutility fileshare nfs server client
ntop.tcz network monitor
samba3.tcz discutility fileshare windows server client cifs
thunderbird.tcz web mail client
wireshark.tcz network monitor record gui to many protocols to list
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