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Printer ink saving tips

Install ink saving font

The web site recommends you only save ink if you print in font points size 11 or less. And the saving can be up to 25%. (I lack the skills to verify this)

The website offers multiple languages as per link


The site might change its download page but its currently for EN users here


Right hand click (for right hander mouse users) and save the ttf FILE link as ….ecofont_vera_sans_regular.ttf


As a persistent user I save mine to /home/tc/Protect….A folder I created to alert me not to go deleting stuff from there if drunk. I can change the permissions of the folder and its files to read only but that is optional.

As this font is only ~240 kilobytes I could install it direct, but you may need to have it in more than one location, so I prefer symbolic links. This was a TIP I found from reading the forums….size of file in system is 46 bytes. You could consider using sym links for all important system files?

So either copy it with root powers or sym link it to the default fonts folder.

sudo ln -s /home/tc/Protect/ecofont_vera_sans_regular.ttf /usr/local/share/fonts/

Now “normal” applications like leafpad and abiword can find it.

Backup for Persistence

If successful, as per application images below add the below file to backup……./opt/.filetool.lst as


TIP I use a root powered leafpad so I can copy and paste saving me from too many typos.

Before you reboot, click on the cpanel and click on the backup tool and read the new wiki Backup-check on how to check your database. (I created this as I was not seeing it on reboot …probably a typo)

In below image I stripped home/tc from .filetool.lst to keep it simple

Above image shows a sym link version but a full copy into that fonts folder should also work…..good luck

Reboot to see if font appears in File manager or can be listed with a command like

ls /usr/local/share/fonts

TIP As I have made an error before this wiki became “better” I strongly urge you to use copy and paste into a text editor and a good terminal that allows copy and paste.

I use lxterminal but some terminals allow paste by double clicking the left and right mouse buttons….or the middle button if you have one. If you have a scroll wheel…aterm allows wheel up to paste.

Leafpad Config

If you can not see it ….close down leafpad and re-open it. Click Options → Font → and scroll up to find it after Bitstream……it should be in alphabetical order.

If you can not see it…..check your sym link as worked, or your copy as worked with

sudo ls -al /usr/local/share/fonts/eco*


Abiword Config

If successful in installing or sym linking you can see it by using the pulldowns


Notice how Abiword shows the holes in the fonts?

Firefox Config

Please note that viewing pages with ecofont is not recommended.

Part one

Click on Edit → Preferences → Content —Pull down fonts to select it.


Stage two

But if you click on the Advanced button you will see a box (default is ticked) that allows web designers to over-ride your preferences. Therefore, uncheck this box and then choose ecofont for as many as possible of the font ranges


You may notice I have one range I can not select and I had not changed all point sizes to 11 or less

Font does not show in my "X" Application

A generic tip

If you can not see the font after closing the app down and restarting it, there may be more than one way to find the pathway.

a) Open the apps browser, click on your app, and click on Files and see if you can see the font pathway. If so, sym link it or copy font to that pathway

b) Open a root shell and try a find “string” approach like this…..

sudo find / -name font* > /root/results
sudo less results..............(or leafpad to open results)

General printing

You may be able to change the amount of ink, depending on your ppd file, by choosing a smaller DPI setting. (Dots per inch) However, you may need to tweak this if already using ecofont, as you may end up with so little ink it is hard to read?

Select Print then tab to the Image quality.


Another option is to print in draft mode or other settings as per the advanced TAB.


I have left out the full screen but there are more options there for you to play with.

Naturally you can save ink by not printing at all and sending an email or using someone else's ink.

You may guess I am not fond of Printer makers or sell ink replacements for almost the same cost as the printer.

TC users feel free to edit and add more tips.....Thankyou.

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