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How to add a folder icon to wbar

Sometimes you might want to open a specific folder on your PC. Such as with Dropbox - just one click and you want your Dropbox folder to be opened.

The first thing to understand, is that you can't “just open” a folder. Folders are always opened with a file manager app, such as the built-in fluff, or a 3rd party app such as rox-filer.

One of the most straight-forward ways to accomplish this is by adding an icon of your choice plus a calling script to the ondemand directory in /tce. So here are the necessary steps:

1. Create a new file, name it anything such as dropboxf and write in it:

fluff /home/tc/Dropbox &

Save the file in /tce/ondemand.

2. Take any icon file of your choice in eg. png file format, and copy the icon file to /tce/ondemand.

3. Change the file name to be exactly the same as the script file from step 1. Rename the image file's extension to img. For example, the image file would be named dropboxf.img.

4. Restart X (ctrl-alt-bksp, startx) to refresh wbar.

That's all.

The newly-created wbar icon will also be listed in OnDemand in AppsAudit, and you can blow it away by simply clicking on it.

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