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Visualizing the boot process

Bootchart is a tool to create a chart of the boot process. It can be used to pinpoint the slowest parts, or to prove one's distro's boot speed.

Using it always requires a remaster. If you don't know what you're doing, read up on remastering first.


First, download the tarball: ftp://distro.ibiblio.org/tinycorelinux/2.x/tcz/src/ubootchart/ubootchart.tgz

The source is in the same directory, if you wish to take a look.


Extract to the initrd:

sudo tar -C /tmp/extract -xvf ubootchart.tgz


Replace every “sbin/init” with “sbin/ubootchartd” in /init:

sudo sed -i 's@sbin/init@sbin/ubootchartd@g' /tmp/extract/init

Deciding when to stop logging

… and add sudo killall -USR1 ubootchartd_bin to /etc/skel/.profile before startx. Or if you wish to add X in the mix, in a suitable place to stop logging.


After boot, wait a bit for ubootchart to finish logging, load the bootchart-pl.tcz extension, and run it:

bootchart.pl > /tmp/my_bootchart.svg

If you wish to convert it to png, use rsvg-convert from librsvg.tcz.

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