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Persistent home and opt

When Installed on a Hard Drive

The best way to run Tinycore when installed on a hard drive, is using persistent home and opt.

To have persistent home and opt, add

opt=sda1 home=sda1

to the bootloader. If not in sda1, use the correct partition.

When Installed on a USB Drive

When setting up persistent home and/or opt in a USB drive, it is ideal to use the UUID.

To set up persistent opt, edit the bootloader configuration file, adding persistent opt.

If you have installed Tinycore using the installer, you should already have tce=UUID=“9aff3da3-474d-440d-bb6c-3240afe84ac6” (the number will be different). To set up persistent opt, copy the UUID number, like this

opt=UUID="9aff3da3-474d-440d-bb6c-3240afe84ac6" tce=UUID="9aff3da3-474d-440d-bb6c-3240afe84ac6"

Use the UUID number for your USB drive.

To set up persistent home, do the same for home.

If you have not installed Tinycore using the installer, to find out the UUID, use

blkid -s UUID /dev/sda1

If not sda1, use the correct partition.


If you use backup as well as persistent home and opt, edit /opt/.filetool.lst, delete all references to the home and opt directories (in the version I am using that is everything), then add a list of files and directories you want backed up to /opt/.filetool.lst.

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