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Tinycore Passwords

If you want to prevent other people from logging into your computer, you can add passwords to Tinycore.

If you are using the Extlinux bootloader, another option is to add passwords to Extlinux. For more information, see Extlinux Passwords.

Add Passwords to Tinycore

To add a password for user tc, open the terminal and type


To add a password for root, type

sudo passwd

The procedure described above stores the password using 8-byte parity, so the password will be 8 characters long, i.e. “passwd 123456789” will allow to login using “12345678” or “12345678blahblah” as password. This occurs on 4.1 and 4.2. Use “passwd -a md5” instead. (see http://forum.tinycorelinux.net/index.php?topic=9215.0)

Save Passwords using Backup

If you use Backup, to save passwords, add


to /opt/.filetool.lst

Backup when shutting down the computer.

Save Passwords using Persistent opt

If you use persistent opt, open the terminal and type

sudo cp /etc/shadow /opt/shadow

Add the following to /opt/bootsync.sh

sudo mv /etc/shadow /etc/shadow_old
sudo cp /opt/shadow /etc/shadow

Note that this will apply group staff and mode g+w to /opt/shadow on each boot, as it's the case with every file in /opt.

Use Password to Log In

To be prompted for Username and Password when logging in, add the bootcode


to the bootloader.

Don't Log In as Root

Log in as tc, not as root.

If you want to perform root tasks, use sudo before commands.

bootsync.sh and bootlocal.sh

If you want commands executed every time you start the computer, add them to /opt/bootsync.sh or /opt/bootlocal.sh.

/opt/bootsync.sh is run early in the boot process.

/opt/bootlocal.sh is run later in the boot process.

Most commands should go in /opt/bootlocal.sh, except commands you want executed early in the boot process.

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