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mnttool is a small GUI for mounting drives. It was written by Robert Shingledecker in C++ using FLTK . It was included in the 1.0 release of TinyCore and has been included in every release of TinyCore to this day. It is also included in the CorePlus image. Technically, it is contained in Xprogs.tcz and can be downloaded separately. The source code is also available online.


You can launch the program by running 'mnttool' at the command-line or by clicking this image on wbar in the “default” setup:

The program lists all the the available drives. Red ones are unmounted and green ones are mounted. Simply click on the name of the drive to mount or unmount it. By default, all drives are mounted under /mnt
If mnttool encounters an error and can't (un)mount the drive whose button you clicked, the button will remain unchanged, but it won't display an error message. (However, if you launched from a terminal, then you'll see an error message there.)

Environment Variables

mnttool's behavior can be modified with the following environment variables. Remember: if you set an environment variable in ~/.profile , you will need to log off and on for it to take effect.


This variable can be used to make mnttool automatically launch your favorite file manager upon the successful mounting of a drive. When a drive is successfully mounted using mnttool, your file manager will be launched at the drive's mount point and mnttool will close. It should look something like this


This variable can be used to set the location of mnttool. It is used something like this

export MNTTOOL="X Y"

where X is equal to the distance from the left side of the screen and where Y is equal to the distance from the top of the screen. Note: This variable is overridden by the -g[eometry] argument.

Command-line options

Remember, mnttool is a GUI program written using FLTK. As such it will print the standard FLTK switches; however, some of them are ignored. Here is an explanation of the all the command-line options printed when you run “mnttool -help”:

-bg2 color
This option is actually ignored
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-bg color
This is also a standard fltk option and is used to set the background color for the window and it also sets the color of the refresh button. See Colors for what a color is.

Set the X display to open the window on [UN_TESTED !!]

This option is actually ignored.

-fg color
Sets the color of the text on the buttons. See Colors for what a valid color looks like.

-geometry or -g
Can be used to set the location of the window. sample usage: 'mnttool -g +100+50' will put the window 100 pixels from the left and 50 pixels from the top

If this flag is present, mnttool will iconified (minimized) when started.

Tells mnttool to indicate which button is highlighted so that you can navigate with the keyboard. This is the default behavior.

Seems to be ignored.

This option is actually ignored.

Tells mnttool to not show which button currently has focus. If you do this you will not be able to navigate the list with the keyboard.

Tells mnttool to not display tool tips.

Tells mnttool to display tooltips. This is the default behavior.

Follow with a string and it will set the title of the window.

This flag sets the GUI theme for mnttool. Acceptable options are “none” “plastic” and “gtk+”.


The color arguments are slightly complicated. For a full description you can visit this site which describes valid strings for describing a color: http://tronche.com/gui/x/xlib/color/strings/

In short, you can use common color names like red, green, blue, yellow, etc. You can also specify any color like this: 'mnttool -bg rgb:10/55/ff' The numbers between the slashes should be a two-digit hexidecimal number between 00 and ff.

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