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Remove Applications from the Menu and Wbar

Most ordinary users have no need to remove applications or system tools from the menu or wbar. However, there may be some situations where this is desired. For example, to prevent access to certain applications when setting up a kiosk or when children use the computer.

Remove Applications from the Menu

The menu is in /home/tc/.wmx

Copy .wmx to another directory. For example, lets use /home/tc/.mymenu

In /home/tc/.mymenu/.wmx, remove applications and system tools.

Add the following to /opt/bootlocal.sh

mv /home/tc/.wmx /home/tc/.wmx_old
cp -r /home/tc/.mymenu/.wmx /home/tc/.wmx

On some computers you may need to use

sleep 1
mv /home/tc/.wmx /home/tc/.wmx_old
cp -r /home/tc/.mymenu/.wmx /home/tc/.wmx

If neither of those methods work, try “sleep 2” or “sleep 3.”

When you start the computer, you will have the menu as you set it up in /home/tc/.mymenu/.wmx.

If, after removing applications from the menu, you install additional applications, or remove applications, or make changes to On Boot or On Demand, you may need to set up the menu again.

Remove Applications from the Wbar

To prevent access to certain applications and system tools, you may also remove them from the wbar. You can do this by clicking Control Panel, then Wbar Conf. To prevent them being put back, also remove the Control Panel.

Perform Administrative Tasks

If you prevent access to certain applications and system tools, you will not be able to use them to perform administrative tasks.

To perform administrative tasks, run Tinycore from a USB drive or CD. Put hashes in front of the lines in /opt/bootlocal.sh, like this.

# mv /home/tc/.wmx /home/tc/.wmx_old
# cp -r /home/tc/.mymenu/.wmx /home/tc/.wmx

Restart the computer for this to take effect.

You can start the Control Panel from the menu, and put back applications and system tools in the wbar.

After performing administrative tasks, set it up how it was again.

Alternate Method: Remaster

Another option is to make a remaster with changes to the menu.

This may make performing administrative tasks more difficult.

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