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Flash Player

Flash Player may be installed in internet browsers to display moving images.

Things You Need

You need an internet browser installed. You must have started the internet brownser at least once.

You may have more than one internet browser, and Flash Player will be installed on all of them.

Browser Note

Be aware, Mozilla Firefox and certain other browsers based on Mozilla Firefox, are not compatible with each other. You can not run them at the same time.

Two Stages to Installing Flash Player

There are two stages to installing Flash Player.

Stage 1. Install getFlash and Dependencies

Using the Appbrowser, install getFlash.tcz This also installs dependencies.

getFlash_beta.tcz is available to get the very latest version getFlash10.tcz for those PC's with performance limits

Stage 2. Install Flash Player

To install Flash Player, while connected to the internet, select getflash from the main menu (right click).

It may take some time for Flash Player to be downloaded. A new extension will then be created containing Flash Player.

If you have a tce directory, the extension will be created in it.

If you don't have a tce directory, the extension will be created in /tmp/tce. You will need to create a tce directory and put it there.

Restart the computer for Flash Player to work.

Run respective getflash or getFlash_beta extension again to update an existing installation.

If you Install a Different Browser

If you install a different browser after installing Flash Player, and want Flash Player on it, delete the flash extension in the tce directory, and install Flash Player again.

If you want to Use Flash Player Only Sometimes

If you have Flash Player installed, it will display advertising.

If you don't have it installed, there may be things you want to view, but can't.

With Tinycore, you don't need to use Flash Player all of the time, but can use it when you want.

To do this, put the flash extension in /tce/optional.

When you want to use Flash Player, open the Appbrowser. Click “File,” then “Install Local.” Select the flash extension, then click “OK.” Click “Install” or “Mount.”

For Flash player to work, close the internet browser, and restart.

Video Download Helper

If you use Mozilla Firefox, you can also install Video Download Helper. This enables you to download videos, and view them anytime. You can even convert videos to another format. You need a program for viewing them, such as Mplayer.

To install Video Download Helper, from Mozilla Firefox, click “Tools,” then “Add-ons.” Then click “See All Recommended Add-ons.” When you find it, click “Add to Firefox.”

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