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Beyond setting the keymap with kmaps.tcz, if your locale uses non-ascii chars, you may need to set up a different console font and font mapping to use those chars outside of X.

First load the setfont.tcz extension.
Set the two variables in the following script, and run it on each console. The example settings are appropriate for iso-8859-15 - latin-1 with euro.

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# From the LFS bootscripts, GPL
# Figure out if a framebuffer console is used
[ -d /sys/class/graphics/fb0 ] && USE_FB=1 || USE_FB=0
FONT="lat0-16 -m 8859-15"
# Figure out the command to set the console into the
# desired mode
[ "$UNICODE" -eq 1 ] &&
	MODE_COMMAND="echo -en '\033%G' && kbd_mode -u" ||
	MODE_COMMAND="echo -en '\033%@\033(K' && kbd_mode -a"
# On framebuffer consoles, font has to be set for each vt in
# UTF-8 mode. This doesn't hurt in non-UTF-8 mode also.
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