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Hope I didn't blow away the previous author(s) intentions.

Re CD-R CD-RW: needlessly confuses beginning user, espically since it “doesn't always work”

Still need to fix up links for “searching for your CD writers notes”. Personally I don;t like that approach.

I just started (trying to) use TC and although a very experienced *nixer I had trouble getting started.

Home page should make a bigger deal about looking at this wiki!

PLEASE don't revert back all the changes I made at once.

PLEASE do correct any errors and if you just want to suggest changes note that here on the discussion page.

By the way, (with extensive HTML editing experience) after using the wikipedia wiki system, I found formatting with this tool (DokuWik) REALLY hard. In particular ordered (numbered) lists. DG12

Now I know why I had slow start, from home page clicking on wiki showed only screen shots! And of course a navigation window) So I added a link to 'getting started'

Did most of the current wiki come from another tool? I noticed pages with # in the front of section headings like they wanted to be bullet numbers DG12

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