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2016/01/11 09:09 talk:dcore:handling_extensions – grep already seems to be loaded kevinfish (current)

dCore said grep was already installed when I tried to install it as per the recommendation on this page to speed up sce-import

Thanks for the valuable in-depth information under “dCore TCE (/tce) Directory”!

sm8ps 2016/06/02 04:37

@kevinfish - Just working through an active thread, the 'grep' section will be improved shortly, you're correct, me thinks the faster grep is automatically installed when using xorg*, just need to confirm it's in all xorg* extensions: http://forum.tinycorelinux.net/index.php/topic,20013.msg124362.html#msg124362

@sm8ps - No problem, this section under construction, will add more and need to organize headings so it's not just a block of text, also need to amalgamate what you've already included in the page. Personally find it easiest to write and let it flow, then amalgamate afterwards. Any suggestions let me know, thanks.

@sm8ps - Would like to move the singe deb file importing section (http://wiki.tinycorelinux.net/dcore:handling_extensions?&#importing_single_deb_-files) to SCE Management Commands (http://wiki.tinycorelinux.net/dcore:extensions#dcore_sce_management_commands) as it essentially creates an SCE for a single deb file. The link would be something like 'dCore sce-deb2sce Command', any objections?

Would also like to move http://wiki.tinycorelinux.net/dcore:handling_extensions#sceconfig to http://wiki.tinycorelinux.net/dcore:extension_strategies#advanced_dcore_sce_strategies. As the default sceconfig works great for most users, only more advanced users would likely modify the config, any objections?


@nitram: Sounds perfectly reasonable. Just let it flow!

sm8ps 2016/06/06 00:14

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