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dCore Sound

Sound drivers are not included in the dCore kernels but can be imported through the dCore extension alsa-modules-<kernel>-tinycore. Simply run the uname -r command in a terminal to determine the kernel being used, then run the sce-import command to install the appropriate alsa-modules extension, which should be loaded at boot. The dCore sound README page about ALSA provides a complete walkthrough.


  • The Tiny Core wiki contains several sound articles, setting up sound, Alsa, setting up OSS and PulseAudio.
  • Sound management is complicated and most distributions give it ample consideration. The Archlinux Alsa wiki page may be helpful.
  • If everything is set up well but sound does not work ensure the appropriate channels are not muted. For example, run alsamixer in a terminal and ensure the volume bars are turned up and no applicable channels are muted (designated with 'MM' below volume slider). A muted 'PCM' channel may also disable sound. Enlarge the alsamixer screenshot to the right for several examples of muted sound channels. Also note the F6 key is used to switch audio devices if more than one device is installed.

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