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dCore on HP Compaq TC1000

The HP-Compaq TC1000 is a 10.4 inch Tablet PC. It features the unique Transmeta Crusoe TM5800 processor (1 GHz), a NVIDIA GeForce2 Go 100 graphics controller with 16MB SDRAM and sports up to 768 MB of RAM.


  • dCore-trusty with LXDE — sm8ps 201505


The device runs very smooth and is incredibly snappy to react to user interaction once it has gone through the full of its initialization. Picture yourself using the full LibreOffice suite in version 4.2 on such a device without growing a beard while waiting for the menus to open and you know what I mean. Hats off to the dCore development team!


The built-in Intel Corporation 82551QM Ethernet Controller needs the e100 driver plus associated firmware. The module is built into the kernel but the firmware is not available in linux-firmware{-nonfree}. Instead, it is included in the Ubuntu package linux-image.

Download the package for a suitable kernel version (for Ubuntu-based dCore check packages.ubuntu.com) and extract the folder '/lib/firmware/<KERNEL>/e100/'. Place it directly under '/lib/firmware/' (omitting '<KERNEL>') in dCore and add “lib/firmware/e100” to '.filetool.lst'. Issue backup and re-boot.


The device originally came with a Mini-PCI wireless card that only supported 802.11b with WEP but not WPA. That card probably needs to be replaced by a more recent one.

Pen input

The digitizer uses Finepoint technology which needs the xserver-xorg-input-fpit X-driver. That driver is unmaintained and does not work anymore with current versions of Xorg. – RIP, TC1000 Tablet PC!


Suspending to RAM by echoing “mem” into '/sys/power/state' does not work, although '/sys/power/state' contains “freeze standby mem disk”. The screen briefly goes black and then returns with an error message stating that there is “no such device”.

Un-loading the tc1100_wmi driver changes the situation in such a way that the computer does go into suspension. However, upon resuming, it shows highly interesting screen effects and no user interaction is possible any more.


A CF-card gets detected by cardctl (from the pciutils package) but I have not found a way to access its content.

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