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-There are a few things to note if you would like to install Tiny Core Linux into a VMWare Virtual Machine. +moved to [[vmware_installation]]
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-==== Key Points ==== +
-VMWare will not auto recognize, Tiny Core Linux.  Select the 'Guest operating system' as Linux.  Select the 'Version' as 'Other Linux 2.2.x kernel' +
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-==== Hard Drives ==== +
-By default VMWare Workstation will create a SCSI virtual hard drive, this will not be recognized by Tiny Core Linux.  The IDE virtual disk setting is not available though the 'new virtual machine wizard', SCSI virtual will be selected by default.  After you have created the virtual machine, select 'Edit virtual machine settings' from the Virtual Machine page.  Remove the SCSI hard drive.  Then add an IDE hard drive. +
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-Tiny Core Linux does not require a hard drive to function.  It is run out of RAM by default. +
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-==== Settings (that seem to work well) ==== +
-Ram: 64 Mb +
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-Network Adapter: NAT (recognized with no additional effort) +
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-IDE virtual disk (optional): 64 Mb (cannot be increased, so choose a larger size if you intend on installing many programs) +
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