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wiki:persistent_home_cn - Tiny Core Linux Wiki

Welcome to the Tiny Core Linux Wiki at!

Tiny Core loads into ram and by default it's /home directory is there too. This means any file you download or create in your home directory while using Tiny Core will reside in ram. If you backup your home directory which is also a default your files will persist after reboots. See Backup - Restore for more on backing up and restoring. However you may want to have persistent home on your hard drive to lighten up ram usage. This is achieved by using a boot code home= with your desired hard drive name following the = symbol. For example use home=hda1 if you want your home directory to be in hda1 or home=sda3 if you want it to be sda3. You can also name a directory where to store your persistent home like home=sda1/mydata. Tiny Core will automatically create your home directory in the specified hard drive, partition and/or directory and mount it so you can use it to store your files. See Boot Options (Wiki) and Boot codes explained to learn more about boot codes.

Note: After setting up persistent home you may want to edit your .filetool.lst to prevent Tiny Core from backing up data in your home directory. You should only backup files that are important and/or are lost after rebooting. See Backup - Restore.

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