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 +If you would like to change your keyboard layout/mapping, you have a few options.
 +(1) Set up a different layout using loadkmap. See the FAQ: http://tinycorelinux.com/faq.html#keyboard
 +Again ... exit to prompt to make the change. Confirm you have the right settings, then adjust your bootlocal.sh or bootcodes to suit.
 +(2) Install the Xorg extension, and use the terminal command setxkbmap to change maps. If you'd like to use Xorg ... this is a painless solution.
 +(3) Make custom changes using xmodmap. For a tutorial on how to capture keycodes and adjust a custom xmodmap configuration, see:
 +Weiske mentions using the command 'xev' to inspect various keycodes. xev is available from the Xorg extension.