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Install Applications

Installing Applications

Use the Latest Version

Use the latest version of Tiny Core. New versions have additional features and improvements.

Install Programs While Connected to the Internet

To install programs while connected to the internet, open the App Browser.

Click Connect.

You will then see a list of available extensions, and information about them.

Click on a extension you want to install. Then click Go. The extension and its dependencies will be downloaded and installed.

When a program is installed, there will be a message saying OK.

OnBoot, OnDemand, Download + Load or Download Only

When installing applications you may select OnBoot, OnDemand, Download + Load or Download Only.

OnBoot: If OnBoot is used, the application is loaded every time the computer is started. Applications you always use, should be in OnBoot.

On Demand: If OnDemand is used, applications are not loaded until you start them. When using OnDemand, the computer starts quicker, and uses less RAM. This is ideal for applications you only use sometimes, particularly for computers with small RAM.

Download + Load: If Download + Load is used, the application is downloaded and loaded this time only. The next time you start the computer, it will not be loaded. It will still be in the tce directory, but the computer will not do anything with it.

Download Only: If Download Only is used, the application is only downloaded. It will be in the tce directory, but the computer will not do anything with it.

If you are not sure which to use, use OnBoot for everything.

The applications in OnBoot and OnDemand can be changed using Apps Audit.

Change Mirror

Sometimes the official site becomes very busy, and downloads may be slow or not work at all. This can be overcome by using a different mirror.

It is ideal to select a mirror near you.

To download extensions from a different mirror. Open the App Browser, and click Mirrors.

Install Programs While Not Connected to the Internet

Download Extensions, .dep files and Dependencies

To install applications on a computer which is not connected to the internet, download the extensions.

Include .dep files, as these ensure dependencies are loaded when the application is loaded.

Include all dependencies, and dependencies of dependencies, as they are necessary to make the application work.

If the computer will be connected to the internet in the future, include .md5.txt files, as these are used to determine which programs have been updated, when updating extensions. You can also use them check if any extensions have been corrupted.

Paste in /tce/optional Directory

Copy and paste all extensions to the /tce/optional directory.

Using Apps Audit, put applications in OnBoot or OnDemand.

Restart the computer.

Copy Applications to Other Computers

If you install Tiny Core on another computer, you don't need to download the extensions again. You can just copy them.

The extensions are in the /tce/optional directory. Using the Root File Manager, copy and paste them to something which can be used to transfer them, such as a usb drive. Then copy and paste them to the /tce/optional directory in the other computer.

Using Apps Audit, put applications in OnBoot or OnDemand.

Install Local

If you have applications in the /tce/optional directory, but not in OnBoot or OnDemand, you can load them using Install Local. To do this, open the App Browser, click Local, select an application, and click OK.

Using Terminal Commands

Applications can also be loaded using terminal commands. For example, to load bash you could use one of the following:

  1. tce-run bash
  2. tce-load -i bash
  3. tce-load -is bash

AppBrowser for Microcore and Tinycore shell users

The command line version of Appbrowser can be started using the ab command.

To install grub, you could type 'ab grub' and select 'grub-0.97-splash.tcz', to directly download and install. Once you select the tcz you are looking for you will be shown the info page, with details about the application. To install the selected program press 'q' then 'i'.

You can also use a cli version of the appbrowser available in the repo to search for and install extensions

tc@box:/mnt/hda1/tce/optional$ appbrowser-cli^