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-==== cpanel ====+==== ControlPanel ====
-The Control Panel has 20 buttons that give you quick access to various system management tools. +Access system management tools 
-Image of previous version: http://tinycorelinux.com/images/tc2.4.1_030_cp.jpg+ 
 + Maintenance  
 +  * Restore -  Filetool window. Enter a device name (example: /dev/sad3 )  
 +  * Date/Time 
 +  * Network 
 +  * Wbar Conf 
 + Utilities 
 +  * Mount Tool - mounts partitions at /MNT/sdxnn (mouse over to see the volume label. 
 +  * Mouse Tool - set the speed and buttons of your mouse. 
 +  * System Stats -  view info about the system (cpu, mem, net, modules, processes, dmesg, mounts, filesystems, boot, Installed and bigHomeFiles) 
 +  * Wallpaper 
 + Setup 
 +  * Services start/stop 
 +  * Swapfile Tool -  Make tc,swap EXT2 Swapfile. create a disk file for virtual memory. 
 +  * Terminal Server 
 +  * Xvesa - set display resolution and mouse connection.
-  - Apps Audit - (need explanation here) 
-  - Date/Time - shows the Datetool window that enables you to change the system date and time. 
-  - Floppy Tool - shows the fdtool window that enables you to format floppy disks and read or write image files that contain all the data on a floppy disk. 
-  - OnDemand - shows ondemand window. (what is this for?) 
-  - TCE Update - flashes a window briefly (what is this for?) 
-  - Backup/Restore - shows Filetool window. Enter a device name (example: ) (need more details here) 
-  - Backgrounds - shows wallpaper window. Enables you to set the desktop background color and/or image. 
-  - Netcardconfig - shows the Netcard Conf window that enables you to set your Ethernet card properties such as: IP address, gateway and DNS servers. 
-  - Mouse Tool - shows the Mouse Tool window that enables you to set the speed and buttons of your mouse. 
-  - USB Install - shows a window that enables you to setup TC on a USB pendrive and make it bootable.  
-  - Mount Tool - shows a small window that has a button that you can click to choose a device to mount. 
-  - Swapfile Tool - shows a window: Make tc,swap EXT2 Swapfile. Enables you to create a disk file for virtual memory. 
-  - Select Mirror - shows the Select Download Mirror window. Enables you to choose a URL web address where apps and extensions may be downloaded from. 
-  - System Stats - shows a window Tiny Core System Stats that enables you to view info about the system (click on buttons along the bottom) 
-  - Run Command - shows a window "flrun" that allows you enter or select an app to run. 
-  - Cron Daemon - toggles on/off (green light means on) the cron daemon (that runs programs at predetermined time intervals) 
-  - DHCP Client - toggles on/off the DHCP client that automatically sets network TCP/IP settings. 
-  - TFTP Server - toggles on/off TFTP server that handles FTP file transfer requests from the network. 
-  - Xkill - (what does this do) 
-  - Xvesa Setup - set your display resolution and mouse connection.