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App Browser

Note for Microcore (and I guess the rest of Tiny Core): there are three different Firefox packages. firefox-latest.tcz is a program that installs the latest version of Firefox for you.

This information is included for people using Core without a graphical interface, and other advanced users.

New users should find it easier using the method shown in Install Applications.

Using the App Browser

To use the App Browser you need to be connected to the Internet.

Before version 4.6, tce-ab was named just ab.

To search for applications, use

tce-ab search_term



and you will be prompted to enter a search term.

Select an application to install.

Press q.

You will then have a number of options.

To install it, and put it in On Boot, press i.

To install it, and put it in On Demand, press o.

For an alternate method, see Install Applications Using Commands.