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 +The App Browser lists a whole lot of apps. Here's a few of the most useful for beginners.
 +|**Function**|**App name**|**Description**|**App Browser name**|
 +|File Manager|pcmanfm|File manager (explorer)|pcmanfm.tcz|
 +|Web Browser|Opera browser | a basic web browser |opera.tcz |
 +|Web Browser|Firefox|a full featured web browser|firefox.tcz|
 +|Instant Messaging|pidgin|multi-protocol Instant Messaging (IM) client|pidgin.tcz|
 +|Office App|Open Office |word processor, spreadsheet, slideshow, drawing, database|oo2.tcz |
 +|PIM|osmo|Personal Info Manager: addressbook, calendar, tasks and notes|osmo.tcz|
 +|Image Editor|gimp|Gnu image manipulation program (like Photoshop)|gimp2.tcz|
 +|Paint|mtPaint|Paint program create bitmap graphics|mtpaint-3.21.tcz|
 +|Draw|inkscapelite|Vector graphics draw program (like Illustrator)|inkscapelite.tcz|
 +|Music Player|Rhythmbox|Music player|rhythmbox.tcz|
 +|Video Player|vlc|Media player plays most audio and video formats|vlc.tcz|
 +|Music workstation|lmms04|Linux Multimedia Studio|lmms04.tcz|
 +|Email app|thunderbird|Email program|thunderbird3.tcz|
 +|Clock|xonclock|Analog clock|xonclock.tcz|
 +|CD/DVD burning tool|Brasero|CD/DVD burning app|brasero.tcz|
 +|Plain text editor|beaver|A simple text editor|beaver2.tcz|
 +|EBook reader|fbreader|Ebook reader|fbreader.tcz|
 +|Tetris|itetris|intelligent tetris game|itetris.tcz|
 +|Breakout|lbreakout|a breakout game|lbreakout.tcz|
 +|Pinball|pinball|Emilia Pinball game|pinball.tcz|
 +Full list of currently available apps/extensions for TC: http://distro.ibiblio.org/pub/linux/distributions/tinycorelinux/tcz_2x.html