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Intro - who, what, when, where, why

Who - am I?: I'm Lee, a long time user of Tiny Core Linux.

  • Professionally - Mumps programmer, network admin, customer service rep, EDI programmer - all at the same time.
  • I've Been programming in various capacities since about 1982.
  • Privately: 50'ish, married, kids.

Where - am I?: Geographically: I'm in Apollo, Pennsylvania, U.S.A. “Apollo” is apparently a latin word meaning “fearless” (literally, “without chicken”) (I made that up.)

When - I'm updating this 2017-03-28 after about four years of neglect. Oops.

What - will I write about?: Beats me… you'll know as soon as I do. :) But some likely subjects coming up will be:

  • Core 8.x, since I'm playing around with the beta lately
  • GRUB2 and switching to it from grub4dos, since I'm playing around with that in conjunction with Core 8.x
  • extension building, since I have a few I want to package up
  • remastering, just for the fun of it

Why - am I doing this?: Because I can, and it might just help someone to enjoy their computer or operating system a little more.

Who - is my intended audience?: You are - you likely got here from the Tiny Core Linux forums and you were curious enough to follow my link.

20121107-1406 screen shot

A screenshot of my jwm desktop

About the screen shot above

This is Core linux loaded up in the usual way with Xlibs, Xprogs and Xvesa, followed by jwm and wbar.

The background image is from the envane theme as used in DSL 3.1. The image has been gimped out to 1920×1080 for use on modern lcd screens, so not all of it shows on this old 1024×768 display.

jwm has been tweaked to provide a double row of desktops in the pager and a “Core” button (that brings up a personal menu, not subject to having stuff added to it by the system).

The three big buttons on the tray are a rudimentary tcl-tk applet that has been “swallowed” into the tray. The “conky” and “xonclock” buttons toggle an onscreen analog clock (not shown) and the conky display. The “smbpanel” button brings up a separate tcl-tk applet that provides buttons for mounting and umounting some samba shares.

wbar (bottom center, almost inivisble) is configured to be about 95% transparent until the user mouses over it. I've done away with the motion and zooming of the icons:

# The Bar && Font && Font size (11)
i: /usr/local/share/wbar/osxbarback.png
t: /usr/share/fonts/luxisr/11
c: -bpress -pos bottom -zoomf 1.0 -jumpf 0 -nanim 1 -isize 24 -filter 1 -fc ffff9f1f -balfa 1 -falfa 5

All of the default Core icons except the terminal one have been moved to Core tray button menu items.

The backup statistics at the top of the conky display come from environment variables, so conky is run from a script that refreshes their values before starting conky. A new backup won't be reflected in the display until conky is restarted.

The filesystem graphs are a static listing in .conky rc with logic to only show the file system if its mount point actually exists and only show the graph if the filesystem is actually mounted. This makes the display look the way I want it but also makes .conkyrc a bit unwieldy as it has to account for all of sd<a-d><1-9> and hd<a-d><1-9> (Although I think nowadays I can do away with hd?? and the graphs never show up for sdd?. I think the sdd? graphs issue is a conky bug.)
The .conkyrc for the screenshot above (external link)


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