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@sm8ps: At bottom of page what was intention of 'TBD: JWM (>LS), icons'? I submitted proper JWM README and updated start-up scripts, it now works very well. Not sure about >LS and icons though.


Thanks - nitram.

@nitram: ”>LS” was a reminder that LichenSymbiont should supply informations about JWM. This has not happened and has become obsolete now thanks (!) to your work.

sm8ps 2016/06/13 02:59

@sm8ps: Okay. What about the 'icons' note? Thanks again - nitram.

@nitram: Must have been something with icons but can't remember what. :) There was something on the forum at the time but I can't recall, sorry! Probably not important.

(Moments later:) Brain dump available! Some applications needed to have icon sets imported separately. Maybe that has been improved by adding them as dependencies. Here the relevant forum links if you want to dig deeper.

Cheers! — sm8ps 2016/06/14 00:06

Really well done with the icons, nitram! Sorry to be only speaking from the balcony but nevertheless thanks for your great effort with the wiki!

sm8ps 2016/06/15 04:35

Thanks and no need to apologize sm8ps, come back and contribute when you have time :)