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Reference to existing wiki pages. — sm8ps 2015/01/05 10:40

Include http://forum.tinycorelinux.net/index.php?topic=17863.msg107957;boardseen#new (correction about Busybox links by JasonW) — sm8ps 2015/01/07 00:37


Snipped the following for later reuse:


Busybox is a single executable which is soft-linked against the file names of the tools it offers. Thus calling 'ls' would not be '/bin/ls' but actually a call to '/bin/busybox' which is soft-linked to '/bin/ls'. This behavior, however can be changed by providing the — sm8ps 2015/05/04 06:40


I am slightly confused saying “Running from arbitrary file systems” is a Little bit in contrast to the second paragraph of typical_installation where it says that the sce Directory must be on a file System with usual Unix file-attributes. — bernhard 2015/04/13 08:01


Kernel and the initrd may be on arbitrary file systems; the sce directory, however, needs to be POSIX-like. I shall straighten this out to make it more clear. ( — sm8ps 2015/04/13 07:39)

I have put together a thorough discussion of this issue in usb_installation_test-drive where everything runs from one single FAT32 partition. Accordingly, i have deleted the confusing statements referenced in the question. — sm8ps 2015/04/30 13:10