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dCore Wiki Welcome page

Welcome to dCore, a minimal live Linux system based on Micro Core (Tiny Core Linux) that uses scripts to download select packages directly from vast Debian or Ubuntu repositories and convert them into useable SCEs (self-contained extensions).

Supplementing dCore's small base with SCE extensions allows a user to create a fully customized system. Installing and setting up a persistent system is straightforward. Numerous Window Managers and Desktop Environments are available. The developer is very helpful to get systems running and provide support.

Note the left-side 'Navigation' links are for Tiny Core wiki topics, this may confuse users seeking dCore information:

dCore FAQ

An overview of dCore:

> dCore FAQ page

dCore Screenshots

Official and user contributed screenshots:

  • Official dCore Screenshots
  • User Contributed Screenshots

> dCore Screenshots page

dCore History and Concepts

An overview of dCore history and concepts:

  • dCore History
  • Basic Concepts
  • System Start
  • Package Management
  • How to Contribute

> dCore History and Concepts page

dCore Base Installation

How to install the dCore base system:

  • dCore Installation Guides
  • dCore Swap
  • dCore Desktop Quicky
  • dCore Updates (kernel and initrd)
  • dCore Localisation (locale and keyboard layout)
  • dCore Hardware Installation Notes

> dCore Base Installation page

dCore Extension Management

How to manage and optimize dCore's SCE extensions to expand system functionality:

  • dCore SCE Overview
  • dCore SCE Management Commands
  • Advanced dCore SCE Strategies
  • Important Grep Notice

> dCore Extension Management page

dCore System Software

Get hardware running on your dCore install - drivers, firmware, kernel modules, tips and examples:

  • dCore Firmware
  • dCore Graphic Drivers
  • dCore Wireless
  • dCore Sound
  • dCore Suspend/Hibernate
  • dCore Printing
  • dCore Scanning
  • dCore LVM
  • dCore VirtualBox

> dCore System Software page

dCore X Window System

Overview of dCore graphic installations, Window Managers and Desktop Environments:

  • Default dCore Boot (CLI vs X Windows)
  • dCore Window Managers and Desktop Environments
  • Unofficial Window Managers and Desktop Environments
  • Official vs Unofficial Graphic Environments
  • Migrate from FLWM to LXDE
  • Essential dCore READMEs
  • Fonts and Icons

> dCore X Window System page

dCore Desktop Applications

Information and tips regarding dCore desktop applications:

  • Browsers
  • Flash
  • File Managers
  • Images and Graphics
  • Java Runtime Environment
  • Multimedia
  • Panels and Launchers
  • PDF Viewers
  • System Monitoring
  • System Search
  • Terminal Emulators
  • Text Editors

> dCore Desktop Applications page

dCore Server & Networking

Information and tips in regards to running a dCore server:

  • dCore Server Overview
  • iptables
  • NTFS

> dCore Server & Networking page

Unofficial dCore Scripts & Tricks

Unofficial user contributed scripts and guides that may be useful to others:

  • dCore Automatic Install Script (LichenSymbiont)
  • Flash 10 SCE Creation Script (nitram)
  • Easytether on minimal dCore (cannedD)

> Unofficial dCore Scripts & Tricks page