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 +===== SSH =====
 +The OpenSSH-server package does not run "out of the box" because the SSH-keys must be created manually once and then included in 'mydata.tgz'.
 +==== Preparations ====
 +  - After loading the extension for the first time, issue ''sudo ssh-keygen -A'' in order to have the necessary keys generated. This will populate '/etc/ssh/' with private and public keys.
 +  - Set a password for user "tc" by ''sudo passwd tc''. The traditional password is "tcuser".
 +  - Add "etc/ssh/" as well as "etc/shadow" to '/opt/.filetool.lst' and issue ''backup''.
 +In principal it should not be necessary to set a password as there is the option //PermitEmptyPasswords// in '/etc/ssh/sshd_config'. However, this does not work at least on Ubuntu Xenial.
 +==== Running ====
 +Start the server via ''sudo /etc/init.d/ssh start'' or ''sudo service ssh start'' (on Ubuntu).
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 +===== NFS Client =====
 +NFS client is supported by the busybox mount command. You need to specify it specifically to use it. A simple setup might be.
 +tc@box:~$ mkdir /mnt/nfs
 +tc@box:~$ sudo busybox mount -o nolock <ip address or domain name>:/  /mnt/nfs
 +You will need to use the proper NFS path the server is using.