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dCore Screenshots

dCore screenshots, official and user contributed. For example only, as dCore allows full system customization and runs various configurable Window Managers and Desktop Environments.

Official dCore Screenshots

Official dCore screenshots running default themes (click to enlarge):

Default dCore boot to text mode/TTY:

FLWM running wbar application launcher, aterm, Control Panel and Sce Tools panel:

FLWM_topside running wbar, top, Mount Tool, FLRun and TC Exit:

IceWM with Motif theme, built-in xterm and fltk-editor open:

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User Contributed Screenshots

Screenshots from dCore users (click to enlarge):

Upload instructions: 'Login' (top right), select 'Upload File' (left-side Toolbox), select dcore → dcorescreenshot, upload screenshot using 'Browse' and 'Upload' buttons (reasonable resolution, appropriate name), click uploaded image and copy file syntax, select 'edit' in this 'User Contributed Screenshot' section, paste the screenshot's file syntax, edit syntax using same format as the official screenshot section, click 'Save'.

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