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dCore sce-update Command

Process: Updating imported extensions is triggered by sce-update. Called with the name of an extension, it checks the repositories for available updates and re-imports the respective packages, merging them anew into the extension. Technically speaking, it works just like sce-import.

It should be noted that it works on the level of extensions as opposed to packages. Thus if an extension consists of several packages (or it may even be composed from a list of extensions) then all packages in that extension will be tested for updates. - On the other hand, one and the same package may be part of several extensions. Thus there is no guarantee that all extensions will use the same version of a package if they are not all updated at the same time.

Usage options from the 'sce-update –help' command:

sce-update - Check and update all or individual SCE(s) including any dependency
             SCE(s), view DEBINX (Debian index) diff and available updates if
             desired, may use some option combinations.
sce-update         Menu prompt, choose SCE(s) to check, update if required.
sce-update SCE     Check a specific SCE for update, update if required.
sce-update -a      Check all system SCEs for updates, view old/new DEBINX diff
                   and available updates if desired, update SCEs if required.
sce-update -n SCE  Non-interactive mode, check a specific SCE for updates,
                   update if required.
sce-update -na     Non-interactive mode, check all SCEs for updates,
                   update if required.
sce-update -c      Menu prompt, check selected SCE(s) for updates only,
                   no actual updates performed.
sce-update -r      Unpack files in RAM during an SCE update re-import.
sce-update -s      Estimate package, HD and RAM space during an SCE update
                   re-import, warn as needed.
sce-update -z      Ignore /etc/sysconfig/sceconfig preferences, use only
                   current command line options.

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