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dCore sce-tools Command

The sce-tools command simply opens the Sce Tools control panel when working in a graphic environment. Although dCore is traditionally managed via command line, this provides a graphic method to easily access the most commonly used SCE management commands. There is no associated help file for sce-tools, usage is straightforward.

The Sce Tools control panel can be accessed when working in a graphic mode by entering sce-tools in a terminal or selecting System Tools → Control Panel → Sce Tools. Available Sce Tools control panel selections include:

  • Sce Import: sce-import command
  • Sce Load: sce-load command
  • Sce Debpurge: sce-debpurge command
  • Sce Update: sce-update command
  • Sce Remove: sce-remove command

This will launch the respective command in a terminal using default options. The dCore SCE management commands are feature rich. To utilize the various command options available, launch the respective command manually from a terminal. To learn more about these commands review dCore SCE Management Commands.