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dCore sce-sce2gz Command

The sce-sce2gz command creates initrd *.gz files from one or more system SCE(s). Possible reasons to utilize *.gz files at boot, rather than SCE(s), are listed below. It should be noted that one drawback would be the inability to easily update an initrd as security updates become available. All applicable SCE(s) would need to be updated first, then a new up-to-date initrd would need to be re-created.

As sce-sce2gz is not included in a base dCore install, it must be imported separately from the dCore repository, to use:

  sce-import sce-sce2gz
  sce-load sce-sce2gz

Usage options from the 'sce-sce2gz –help' command:

sce-sce2gz - Create a *.gz initrd file from SCE(s) (*.sce) and any dependency
             SCE(s) located in /etc/sysconfig/tcedir/sce/. The resulting *.gz
             file can be manually moved into dCore's boot directory alongside
             the primary dCore-*.gz file. The boot loader's boot parameters
             must be appended with this *.gz file to load it at boot. Note
             dCore is capable of booting numerous *.gz initrd files.

             Possible reasons to create and use *.gz initrd file(s):
             * Load files directly into RAM, not symlinked.
             * Load files earlier in the boot cycle.
             * Avoid using a persistent TCE directory.
             * Combine numerous SCEs into a mega-initrd.


sce-sce2gz SCE  Create a *.gz file from the specified SCE and any dependency
                SCE(s) located in /etc/sysconfig/tcedir/sce/. Prompted to
                name the *.gz file, creates a *.gz and *.gz.md5.txt file. 
sce-sce2gz      Menu prompt, create a *.gz file from one or more selected
                SCE(s) and any dependency SCE(s).

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