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dCore sce-pkgcheck Command

The sce-pkgcheck command is useful to confirm packages and repository of origin (ie. main, security, extra, dCore prebuilt, metapackage). It is also useful to check packages imported via list files. Run ''sce-import --help'' and review sce-import -l LISTFILE for more information.

As sce-pkgcheck is not included in a base dCore install, it must be imported separately from the dCore repository, to use:

  sce-import -o sce-pkgcheck
  sce-load sce-pkgcheck
  sce-pkgcheck PKG

Note dependency list files from the dCore server contain dependencies that may not exist in the particular dCore variant being run. For example, if a package in dCore-wheezy needs libgcc-4.7 and dCore-trusty needs libgcc-4.8, then both are present in the dCore server's dependency list. This same logic is used when processing the list (*.lst) files.

Usage options from the 'sce-pkgcheck –help' command:

sce-pkgcheck - Check individual PKG (package) to confirm name and repository of
               origin, including PKGs not currently installed. Can also check
               PKGs from SCE list file(s) located in /etc/sysconfig/tcedir/sce/
               (eg. typo in list file). Results echoed to /tmp/.pkgcheck.
               May use option combinations (eg. sce-pkgcheck -paq).
               Run 'sce-import --help' regarding list files.


sce-pkgcheck PKG         Update DEBINX, confirm the PKG and repository.
sce-pkgcheck -p PKG      Preserve DEBINX, confirm the PKG and repository.
sce-pkgcheck -q PKG      Quiet mode, update DEBINX, terminal output only if PKG
                         not available, full output echoed to /tmp/.pkgcheck.
sce-pkgcheck -l SCE.lst  Check PKGs in specific SCE directory list file.
sce-pkgcheck -a          Check PKGs in all SCE directory list files.

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