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dCore sce-import Command

The sce-import command is used to search, convert and install Debian or Ubuntu packages and pre-built dCore packages as local SCEs. After a fresh dCore base install, it is the most commonly used SCE command to build up and customize a system.

A reliable wired or wireless internet connection is required to import applicable Debian/Ubuntu and dCore repository files and create SCEs. The command is feature rich, as demonstrated in the usage information below.

Usage options from the 'sce-import –help' command:

sce-import - Search, convert, install DEB and pre-built packages as local SCEs.
             Use simple name (nano not nano_*_i386.deb). May use option combos.
             Also see /etc/sysconfig/sceconfig, locale.nopurge and sce.purge.

sce-import             Prompt, enter starting characters of package sought.
sce-import PKG         Search packages that start with desired package name.
sce-import -b PKG      Add resulting SCE to sceboot.lst.
sce-import -c PKG      Search packages that contain desired package name.
sce-import -d PKG      Choose existing SCE(s) to provide dependencies for
                       new SCE, may make new SCE significantly smaller.
sce-import -k PKG      Keep /usr/share/doc and /man in SCE, see man-db.
sce-import -l LISTFILE SCE mega-extension created from text file listing one
                       PKG per line, eg. sce-import -l /tmp/my_apps contains
                       emelfm & nano, which can now share common dependencies.
sce-import -n PKG      Non-interactive exact name import, no combos like -nd.
sce-import -o PKG      Add imported SCE to ondemand via /tce/ondemand script.
sce-import -p PKG      Preserve old DEBINX, no new fetch, better performance.
sce-import -r PKG      Use RAM, swap partition/file to unpack source DEBs.
sce-import -s PKG      Estimate package, HD and RAM space, warn as needed.
sce-import -u PKG      (DEFAULT) update mode, sync new DEBINX files.
sce-import -v PKG      View list of packages the imported SCE contains.
sce-import -z PKG      Ignore locale.nopurge, sce.purge, sceconfig files.
sce-import -R PKG      Include recommended Debian packages, warning large SCE.
sce-import -S PKG      Include suggested Debian packages, warning large SCE.

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