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dCore readme.sh Command

Although the readme.sh command does not directly manage SCEs, it provides quick access to important dCore READMEs. Some READMEs are related to setting up the dCore system and hardware, most contain specific information about importing and setting up various SCEs, especially Window Managers. As noted below an internet connection is needed to access the READMEs from the dCore system. These READMEs can also be accessed via web browser at http://tinycorelinux.net/dCore/x86/README/.

Usage options from the 'readme.sh –help' command:

readme.sh - View essential dCore README files to set up a dCore system.
            Specific information to set up a TCE directory, graphics, sound,
            wireless, gcc build essential compile tools, Window Managers,
            Desktop Environments and specific software packages.

            Internet connection needed to access READMEs. Viewed READMEs
            downloaded to /tmp/. To view READMEs use the Enter, spacebar,
            Up/Down arrow and/or Page Up/Down keys, (q)uit exits.

            READMEs located at http://tinycorelinux.net/dCore/x86/README/.


readme.sh NAME    View specific README, example 'readme.sh 1st'.
readme.sh         Menu prompt, select README from list.

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