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dCore sce-deb2sce Command

Occasionally a user may wish to import a single package (*.deb file) from outside the standard Debian or Ubuntu repositories. This can be accomplished with the sce-deb2sce command, a small script not part of a base dCore install. To obtain and use sce-deb2sce download the desired *.deb file and run:

  sce-import -o sce-deb2sce
  sce-load sce-deb2sce
  sce-deb2sce <DEB-file>

The new SCE can then be loaded for use, run:

  sce-load /path/to/file/my_new.sce

Alternatively move 'my_new.sce' and 'my_new.sce.md5.txt' to /etc/sysconfig/tcedir/sce/ so it is recognized by the system. Then either add the newly created SCE to sceboot.lst, OnDemand or manually load using sce-load. To add the SCE to OnDemand, review the dCore sce-ondemand Command.

Note *.deb file names usually contain the version number, which may be helpful to keep, even though a more generic extension name may be desired. This can be achieved, for example, by moving the newly created version number SCE file (eg. my_new_2.5.3-3_i386.sce) to /tce/import/debs/ with a generic name symbolic link in /tce/sce (eg. my_new.sce).

Usage options from the 'sce-deb2sce –help' command:

sce-deb2sce - Convert a single Debian package (*.deb file) into an SCE.
              Useful to import a *.deb file not present in dCore's existing
              Debian or Ubuntu repositories. Resulting *.sce and *.sce.md5.txt
              files can be moved into /etc/sysconfig/tcedir/sce/ to be
              recognized by the system.

              The SCE and any dependency SCE(s) required to run the software
              must be loaded with sceboot.lst, sce-ondemand or sce-load. If
              numerous dependencies are required, importing them as a
              list file may be easiest, see sce-import --help.


sce-deb2sce debian_package.deb   Convert specified *.deb file into an SCE.

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