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dCore sce-ppa-add Command

The sce-ppa-add command is only present in Ubuntu-based dCores. It is used to add PPAs (Personal Package Archives) to an Ubuntu-based dCore system. This allows the user to add additional software from outside Ubuntu's already huge repositories!

The sce-ppa-add command turns a PPA argument into an apt source by prepending ”https://ppa.launchpad.net” and adding dCore's distro and version, specified in /usr/share/doc/tc/*, plus an optional second argument that is interpreted as a repository (defaults to “main”). The sce-ppa-add command shares the basic format of the Ubuntu command.

More information regarding PPAs and sources can be found in the dCore Extra Repositories sub-forum. The dCore Extra Repositories wiki section provides some additional information. Ubuntu's PPA search page may also be useful. As per the Ubuntu warning outlined below, exercise caution when installing software from external sources.

Usage options from the 'sce-ppa-add –help' command:

sce-ppa-add - Add a PPA (Personal Package Archive) entry in /opt/debextra.
              For use with Ubuntu-based dCore ports.

Ubuntu warning: PPAs do not undergo the same validation process as packages in
the main Ubuntu repositories. PPA keys are cryptographically signed but are
still a lower security alternative to the main repository. The user will
be installing software at their own risk.


sce-ppa-add PPA_NAME Create a PPA entry in /opt/debextra/. Use exact PPA_NAME
                     provided by the PPA (eg. sce-ppa-add ppa:midori/ppa).
                     Re-run command for each PPA added. Manually remove PPA
                     entry from /opt/debextra/ as desired. Use sce-import to
                     install the actual extension and create an SCE.
                     For more information on available PPA archives
                     see https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas.

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