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Motion LE1700

A 12.1 inch tablet PC with an unusual 1400 x 1050 screen size (4:3) featuring an Intel Core 2 Duo L7400 64-bit processor running at 1.5 GHz (cf. full specs).


  • dCore-xenial — sm8ps 2016/12/26 15:25

Boot-loader and command line

The boot loader occasionally would not successfully run without the boot code 'vga=318' (which is decimal 792 but hex is expected) and then the system would not boot at all. I do not see why but this is the symptoms I observed.

Working on the command line, one has to be somewhat careful to not touch the cursor nibble in the midst of the keyboard. For otherwise the keyboard goes bananas. In such a case, detach the computer from its keyboard and re-seat it again.


The Intel 945GM video card works well with the i915 driver after one specific tweak. The screen goes blank as soon as hardware drivers are loaded via the graphics-<kernel version>-tinycore extension. The solution is explained in dCore Graphic Servers and Drivers.