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Locales in Debian-based dCore

Debian repositories contain an all inclusive locales-all package. The package is large (~25 MB) and can be trimmed to create a mylocale extension.


The following approach has not been thoroughly tested but should work in principle. The technical steps are explained in more detail in the outline about locales in ub-Dcore.

  1. Comment out the line in '~/.profile' that hard-codes the LANG to β€œen_US.UTF-8” and have it set through the boot-code lang (cf. below for the locale-codes).
  2. Import and load the locales-all package. All imported locales are available under '/usr/lib/locale/'; its listing provides the locale-codes.


One may stick with the locale extension or – optionally – continue to put the selected locales into an extension.

  1. Copy the desired locales aside and remove the locales-all extension.
  2. Create an extension for the selected locales.

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