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dCore Base Installation

How to install and maintain the dCore base system including examples, walk throughs, kernel and initrd updates, localisation (language and keyboard layouts) and notes from previous hardware installs. As only a dCorePlus ISO installation includes an X Window System and Window Manager, the dCore Desktop Quicky guide is linked below to easily upgrade to a graphic environment. See the What should i download? section for more information. All information below based on x86 architecture unless otherwise specified.

dCore Installation Guides

dCore Test Drive on a USB Stick (Beginners 101)

A dCore Test Drive on a USB Stick from a pre-existing Linux friendly boot loader (Grub2 example, some Syslinux information). A very thorough introduction to many dCore principles, covers importing extensions, setting up a persistence system, getting graphics running and much more:

> dCore Test Drive on a USB Stick

dCore Basic Desktop Installation (Beginners 102)

A dCore desktop installation on a hard drive with persistent /home and /opt directories from a pre-existing Linux friendly boot loader:

> dCore Basic Desktop Installation on a Hard Drive

dCore Boot using Syslinux

A dCore USB boot example using the Syslinux boot loader:

> dCore Syslinux Boot Loader Example

dCore Boot and Installation from Grub2

Brief dCore installation and boot example from an existing Linux install using Grub2:

> dCore Boot and Installation from Grub2

dCore Install From ISO to Hard Drive Without Existing Boot Loader

A manual persistent dCore base installation from ISO to hard drive without a pre-existing boot loader. The walk through uses primarily built-in tools to partition a drive, prepare file systems, copy over dCore files and install Grub legacy boot loader. This will install a stand-alone dCore system without the need for an installer or pre-existing Linux system:

> dCore Install from ISO to Hard Drive Without Pre-Existing Boot Loader

dCore Desktop Quicky

Quickly and easily upgrade a console-based installation to a graphic desktop (FLWM and wbar like Tiny Core):

> dCore Desktop Quicky

dCore Updates (kernel and initrd)

How to keep your dCore system up to date:

> dCore Updates (kernel and initrd)

dCore Localisation


Keyboard Layout

dCore Hardware Installation Notes

dCore installation notes on various hardware:

2000 - 2005

Generation Intel Pentium 4, Celeron, Pentium M

Tablet PCs

2005 - 2010

Generation Intel Core etc.


Intel Atom processor-based devices:

> dCore on Acer Aspire One ZG5

2010 - Present

Generation Intel i{3,5,7}

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