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dCore on HP-Compaq TC1000

The HP-Compaq TC1000 is a 10.4 inch Tablet PC. It features the unique Transmeta Crusoe TM5800 processor (1 GHz), a NVIDIA GeForce2 Go 100 graphics controller with 16MB SDRAM and sports up to 756 MB of RAM.


  • ub-dCore-trusty with LXDE — sm8ps 201505


The device runs very smooth and is incredibly snappy to react to user interaction. Picture yourself using the full LibreOffice suite in version 4.2 on such a device and you know what I mean! Hats off to the dCore development team!


The built-in Intel Corporation 82551QM Ethernet Controller needs the e100 driver plus associated firmware. The module is built into the kernel but the firmware is not available in linux-firmware{-nonfree}. Instead, it is included in the Ubuntu package linux-image.

Download the package for a suitable kernel version (ub-dCore-trusty is using 3.16.6 but the Ubuntu Trusty package for version 3.13 worked) and extract the folder '/var/lib/firmware/<KERNEL>/e100/'. Place it directly under '/var/lib/firmware/' (omitting '<KERNEL>') in dCore and add “var/lib/firmware/e100” to '.filetool.lst'. Issue backup and re-boot.


The device originally came with a Mini-PCI wireless card that only supported 802.11b with WEP but not WPA. That card needs to be replaced by a more recent one.

Pen input

The pen uses Finepoint technology which needs the xserver-xorg-input-fpit X-driver. That driver is currently not available from any Debian-based repository. A request for custom packaging has been made in the forum.


Suspending to RAM by echoing mem into '/sys/power/state' does not work, although '/sys/power/state' contains freeze standby mem disk.