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 Review the [[http://wiki.tinycorelinux.net/dcore:sound|dCore Sound]] page and [[http://tinycorelinux.net/dCore/x86/README/README-alsa-utils.txt|dCore sound README]]. Review the [[http://wiki.tinycorelinux.net/dcore:sound|dCore Sound]] page and [[http://tinycorelinux.net/dCore/x86/README/README-alsa-utils.txt|dCore sound README]].
-==== What commands and stuff should i know to administer the system? ==== +==== What should i know to administer the system? ==== 
-As dCore is based on Tiny Core Linux, working knowledge of Tiny Core is beneficial. Although dCore is managed primarily by command line, [[http://wiki.tinycorelinux.net/dcore:x-desktop#dcore_window_managers_and_desktop_environments|supported Window Managers]] provide user friendly OnDemand and System Tools menus, including a Control Panel and menu shortcuts for ''sce-import'', run program, screenshot, [[https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Top_%28software%29|top process monitor]] and [[https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Xkill|Xkill]]. Control Panel items include Backup/Restore, Date/Time, Network, [[http://freecode.com/projects/wbar/|wbar]], Mount Tool, Mouse Tool, System Stats, Wallpaper, Services, Swapfile Tool, Terminal Server and SCE Tools. The SCE Tools button provides quick graphic access to the most commonly used SCE management commands with default options via terminal popup (sce-import, sce-load, sce-debpurge, sce-update, sce-remove). +Review the [[http://wiki.tinycorelinux.net/dcore:basic_usage_guide?&#persistence_and_system_changes|dCore Basic Usage Guide]].
- +
-Review [[http://wiki.tinycorelinux.net/dcore:extensions#dcore_sce_extension_management_commands|dCore SCE Extension Management Commands]]. Other common commands include version (update dCore base system) and backup (backup mydata.tgz). In a terminal, pressing tab twice lists all available system commands and running ''busybox --list'' prints all [[http://linux.die.net/man/1/busybox|BusyBox]] commands. Entering ''command_name --help'' (two dashes) usually provides usage information.+
 ==== How to i keep my system up to date? ==== ==== How to i keep my system up to date? ====
-Review the [[http://wiki.tinycorelinux.net/dcore:upgrading_kernel_and_initrd|dCore Updates]] page about updating the dCore base system (kernel and initrd)Review the [[http://wiki.tinycorelinux.net/dcore:sce-update_command|dCore sce-update Command]] for updating SCEs.+Review the [[http://wiki.tinycorelinux.net/dcore:basic_usage_guide?&#kernel_updates|kernel updates]], [[http://wiki.tinycorelinux.net/dcore:basic_usage_guide?&#base_file_system_updates|Base File System Updates]] and [[http://wiki.tinycorelinux.net/dcore:basic_usage_guide?&#sce_updates|SCE Updates]] sections and associated links in the [[http://wiki.tinycorelinux.net/dcore:basic_usage_guide?&#dcore_basic_usage_guide|dCore Basic Usage Guide]].
 **[[http://wiki.tinycorelinux.net/dcore:welcome|> Return to the dCore Wiki Welcome page]]** **[[http://wiki.tinycorelinux.net/dcore:welcome|> Return to the dCore Wiki Welcome page]]**