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 Make a directory named /var/lib/easytether/empty Make a directory named /var/lib/easytether/empty
 Make a script file containing next 5 lines: Make a script file containing next 5 lines:
-  *addgroup -S easytether +<code> 
-  *adduser -S -G easytether -h /var/lib/easytether/empty -H -s /bin/false easytether +addgroup -S easytether 
-  *easytether-usb +adduser -S -G easytether -h /var/lib/easytether/empty -H -s /bin/false easytether 
-  *ifconfig easytether-tap up +easytether-usb 
-  *udhcpc -i easytether-tap +ifconfig easytether-tap up 
 +udhcpc -i easytether-tap 
 (Optionally, edit /opt/.filetool.lst here.) (Optionally, edit /opt/.filetool.lst here.)