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dCore dwm with dmenu and conky-cli Tutorial

This tutorial explains how to quickly install and set up dwm in dCore with dmenu and conky-cli. It utilizes pre-compiled dwm direct from Ubuntu using preset keyboard shortcuts. These applications are well documented online. Additional steps required for those wishing to re-compile with patches and custom shortcuts. See the dwm tutorial for basic usage. Review the resource links below for much more information. Tested on dCore-wily.

dmenu works well and picks up OnDemand SCEs, negating the need for an officially supported OnDemand and System Tools menu. Press Alt-p to display known system applications across the status bar. Begin typing the name of the desired application, the menu sorts and highlights the closest match. Press Enter to select, PageUp/Down to scroll, Escape cancels. OnDemand items are automatically loaded and launched provided they have a proper desktop file (ie. most graphic extensions).

conky-cli is efficient and extensible. It requires minimal configuration, the .conkyrc below contains only two lines! It runs in the upper status bar and is always visible except when accessing dmenu.

Import Packages

Import dwm, dmenu and conky-cli at boot:

sce-import -b dwm
sce-import -b suckless-tools
sce-import -b conky-cli

Configure Boot Code

Change the boot manager's boot code to desktop=dwm.

Setup dmenu

Provided dmenu is in sceboot.lst a ~/.cache/dmenu_run file is automatically created, no further intervention required.

Setup Conky

Create desired ~/.conkyrc config, simple example:

C:${cpu cpu1}%   M:${memperc}%   S:${swapperc}%   Up:${uptime}   ${time %a %b %d %I:%M%P}

To start conky-cli at boot create a ~/.X.d/conky file containing:

conky | while read LINE; do xsetroot -name "$LINE"; done &